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DE-CIX, the Largest Internet Exchange Point in the World

When we are talking about internet exchange, DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) must be one of the first things that come to my mind. This is because the Germany based exchange point is the biggest in the whole world in terms of peak traffic size, at least among IXPs that don’t mind reporting their performances. By early 2017, its peak traffic is reported to be at more than 5 terabytes per second with Amsterdam based AMS-IX and London based LINX as a close second and third.

DE-CIX is a success story of Germany internet because before the Frankfurt based exchange point was established, Germany had to exchange their traffic in the United States, which definitely was really expensive. This IXP was established by three local providers in 1995 to specifically address that problem. It was all started in a small postal office in Frankfurt, but now it already has plenty of data centers and the service has even reached other cities and countries such as Hamburg, New York, Dallas, Palermo, Dubai, Istanbul and Marseille.

Many things have changed since its initial establishments more than two decades ago. To reach more customers and give them extra convenience, there are at least twenty data centers all around Frankfurt that provides DE-CIX services to their customers. Furthermore, as the internet technologies grow rapidly, so does DE-CIX. This is why the Germany exchange point is not only able to spread its wings overseas, but also attracts more than 700 broadband providers, local operators and content delivery network, ensuring excellent internet connection with very minimum latency to its users.

At this time, there is no exchange point that can rival DE-CIX service, even though it will not be a surprise if in the future, other IXPs can perform even better service, especially considering AMS-IX also has around 5 terabytes per second of peak traffic.

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