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What is Infrastructure Investments and the Benefits for the Investors?

Know more about infrastructure
Infrastructure gives opportunity to the investors to own the facilities and utilities that give crucial services and also help to drive the productivity and economic growth. There are three major sectors of the infrastructure, such as:
1. Utilities: gas, electricity, water and communications.
2. Transport: roads, airports, rail and seaports.
3. Social: hospitals, education facilities, and also the other facilities for community.

The governments in all over the world have faced the increasing constraints of budgetary in some last decades. The governments have formed some of great infrastructure investments of them by using their great knowledge to the capital markets of the world and also know that they can achieve the policy outcomes without operating or owning the key assets of infrastructure. It is done through the continuing privatization and also partnerships with the sectors owned privately. Today, the policy development has found the growing reliance on the funds of private sector and the public markets to supply the core infrastructure that is needed by the countries for sustain growth and support the economic.

The Main Characteristics of Infrastructure
The infrastructure assets can provide the investors characteristics in strongly differentiated set related to other asset classes. The main characteristics are such as:
- The essential services provision
- The significant obstructions to entry and a market position that is generally dominant - Long duration for the assets over 30 years
- High costs upfront, low costs for the operational
- Stable cash flows in a long term, commonly in low volatility
- Contracts that are linked to inflation and also pricing that keep from inflation effects on long term cash flows.

The Benefits for the Investors
- Interesting returns with adjustable risk
- Reliable returns linked to inflation
- Low volatility and correlation
- Long-term and stable yields
- Emanating with defensive characteristics
- The value enhancement potential
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